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I'd like to begin by acknowledging that there are a vast number of religious groups using the term Christian to describe themselves, and that not everyone is all that theologically mainstream, and we don't all agree on everything. Or on anything.

So, for those who aren't familiar, mythic time is a concept that is important both to academic mythologists and to (probably among many others) Asatruar. The idea is that mythic time is somehow outside of normal, linear time. E.g., Loki is not yet bound, has already escaped, is bound, and will never be bound. Confused yet? So am I.

So Asatruar need to explain this concept to those who don't understand it already, and they tend to use analogies. And their analogies tend to boil down to "it's exactly like Christianity."

Your analogies would be so much better if they were true. )
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Quite a while ago. I've been considering what, if anything, I might say about it ever since.

It's not really a story. )
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Title: Artifact Run
Fandom: Jak and Daxter
Summary: In a world where Damas never lost his son, about ten years after the Daystar came and the world survived its trial, Mar goes on an artifact run.
Warnings: No standard warnings apply.
Disclaimers: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Jak and Daxter.
Notes: For my genprompt bingo card's prompt Desert, for [ profile] au100's prompt #70: Storm, and for my cottoncandy bingo card's WILD CARD square (filled with prompt #6: Adventure/Quest).

Artefact Run )
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Here's the linear version. Still no flowchart. See also the not-so-linear Norse Myth timeline. Also remember that timelining myths is like pinning jelly to a wall.

one event after another! )
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Norse myth doesn't have a timeline. There's a squidgy, difficult-to-understand concept called mythic time that applies to the myths as myths (or as religious texts). If, however you want to view the myths as stories and use them for fanfic, you need some kind of chronology. That's why I made a flowchart.

I cannot show you the flowchart. )
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There’s an enormous difference between conceiving of Norse (or any other) myth as a set of stories and conceiving of it as a religious statement about How Things Are. These two ways of looking at it involve different sets of acceptable character motivations; different understandings of time and sequence and causality; different acceptable worldbuilding; and different moral judgments of any given story. For instance, someone who takes the myths as the basis for a religion may believe that Loki is bound and also available to act as he does in the other myths, or that he’s not bound because that might not be in the original stories, but that it’s totally reasonable to include the binding in your conception of him because it doesn’t have to be true to be relevant. Asatru logic is not narrative logic, and neither of those is Bizarre Academic Mythologist Logic, which is the third way of looking at it.

This applies to any myth. )
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This is written for selfish reasons, and not because I think it's likely to interest anyone. But then, that applies to many of my posts here. As should go without saying, feel free to not read this.

So I wrote a fic called That We Might Live... )
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Perhaps you know this story already: you were having trouble with something, and it turned out to be outside the normal range of difficulty. So you received extra help, which meant you were no longer having trouble. And since you weren't having trouble, you obviously no longer needed the help...

This is that thing where getting better makes everything worse. )

Getting better sucks. Trust me.
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All other things being equal, it is better to be able to do a thing.

All other things being equal.

That doesn't mean ableism is okay. )
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And so are religious traditions. It's Lent now, for those who observe Lent, and I have a lot of thinky thoughts about Lent.

Huh, so now my blog is religious in content? )
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I suppose there exist people who have always expected they'd be alive today, and whose expectations have thus far been met. I bet disproportionately many of these people have never been disabled.

Life. Today, I'm alive, and so are you. )
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I'm on a roll with outdated reviews lately, and rather than try to read something more recent, I've decided to embrace the outdatedness. Here, have a review of Beowulf.

I've avoided comment on the latter part of the poem, so the spoilers here are minor. )
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Remember the xbrtlx? Go read that now if you haven't yet.

Who are the Ys, if they're not called Ys? Who are the Xs, if we call them by their proper name? Think about that while you read this post.

When last we left the Xs and Ys, they were suffering. A lot. Mostly the Ys. )
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If the Animorphs put on the Sorting Hat...
Rachel and Ax would be in Gryffindor.
Marco would be in Slytherin. Remember his "bright line" monologue? That's why.
I'm not sure about the other three. Maybe Gryffindor for Jake.

...and five more )
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Wolfsangel by M.D. Lachlan is not actually about supernatural beings belonging to wolves. It's named after a wolf-lure, and is about Norse myth. Spoilers for the first half of the book follow, but I don't think they're major spoilers. Probably.

I'm trying, and I do want to learn how it ends, but honestly, setting it down is a relief. )
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Since more ableist news doesn't even make me angry anymore, I'm going to avoid feeling dead inside by writing a book review. Of a children's book. That isn't even aimed at me. Or you, most likely. The book is Eight Days of Luke, by Diana Wynne Jones.

Is it really a spoiler if it's part of the blurb on the back? Ah, well, that's not the only spoiler here. )
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I'm stealing a meme from attackfish.

I have a list of ten different characters from ten different fandoms, and no matter which way you mix them, there will be crack. I want you to give me two numbers from one to ten, and I will give you why the two characters who correspond to those numbers fell in love/are in a relationship/are sleeping together/slept together that one time while drunk. Then, I would really like it if you could reply with a guess as to who you picked. On the fourteenth, I will reveal what numbers go with what characters.


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