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Oh, hey, [personal profile] itsamellama's sixth Icon Day is open till the new year. Those are pretty fun. And free. And run by someone nice!
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I'm seriously concerned about the tax situation in the EU. And less concerned, but not unconcerned, about the fact that I really can't seem to make myself treat writing like anything other than just talking, let alone like a business.

So. Until further notice: all my origfic is free-unless-you-decide-otherwise. And at the moment, if you live in the EU, I'm hoping you will not decide otherwise. :/

(No change to fanfic policy. Continue to not pay me for fanfic under any circumstances, as before. Thank you.)

That may mean I decide to post some things that had been available for sponsorship. Or not. We'll see.

All of this is subject to change as the situation changes.

Probably there isn't going to be any problem. :) All will be okay. I hope. They'll figure out the VAT, and I'll go back to ransom-model crowdfunding for some of my fiction. Consider this probably a temporary change in business model, until I see how this all shakes out (and do some thinking about what I'm trying to do with my writing). I will be fine, you will be fine, nobody panic about anything, whatever happens. :)

And yeah, "fine" could end up looking very, very different depending on what happens now.
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I may have said this before here, or maybe only in real life. So I hope I'm not repeating myself.

Anyway, I find all versions of Loki fascinating and awesome, or, failing that, more fascinating and awesome than the rest of their canon. And one thing I've been thinking about a lot is ways to interpret Loki straight from the myths-- not someone else's take on him like Loki from Runemarks or Eight Days of Luke. Although you can always interpret an interpretation and so on and so forth forever, but let's not. (Well, we are doing that anyway, since Snorri didn't originate the stories. Oh, well. Too bad.)

And one thing that's stuck with me and colored every interpretation ever is that Loki is devious, a liar and a cheater, and skilled at those things... and also, counted among the Aesir, and Odin's sworn brother. Which is something everyone has noticed, and just about everyone notices a contradiction here. But the contradiction that fascinates me is not "if he's so evil why do they like him so much?" The one that fascinates me is: if he's so powerful, why does he have to use underhanded means to get what he wants?

Disabled Loki is best Loki. )
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December meme note first because it's shorter: I will probably be posting the thing about Japanese folklore a little late. Or maybe a lot late. Sorry.

Beta request: need a beta for this fic I wrote as a gift for someone for fandom-stocking, because it got so long IDK if I can self-edit it in time and I could therefore really use an extra pair of eyes. It's a crossover; the fandoms are Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, and the Thor movies. It's about 13k words long. Yes, I do know most people post drabbles for fandom-stocking. I have my own concerns about it but I mostly don't want to ask leading questions yet, except one thing: I am really only familiar with the feline wizards spinoff series and have therefore probably gotten a lot wrong about human wizardry in YW. I'm pretty sure the person this is a gift for doesn't read my journal (they're not subscribed, anyway), but just in case: if you are interested in both of these fandoms, signed up for fandom-stocking, and like crossovers, AUs and redemptionfic... think carefully about whether volunteering to beta this would be a good idea.
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My stocking is now up at [community profile] fandom_stocking.

(It's not yet too late to make one of your own if you haven't yet.)
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So, [personal profile] the_rck asked for a post about something surprising that I'm good at or that I like in writing.

Variety. I am surprisingly good at variety. A lot of writers write better than I do, but write the same good book over and over and over again. I'm decent at a lot of different kinds of story. I guess I'm the Mario of writing. Because they may seem very similar-- they're all SFF, and mostly elseworld-- but the rest can be quite a lot of things.

Sorry this post isn't longer.
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Extremely early post that wasn't suppose to go up until the fourth, but as I said, you can't hold me to the schedule.

Anyway, this is the first of my December Posting Meme posts, prompted by [personal profile] melannen, and the topic is why chordates rock. Because of course it is. *g*

So let's back up a moment and look at an overview of taxonomy. All of modern taxonomy assumes that evolution is true. None of modern taxonomy actually cares about traits of the organisms being classified. For instance, whales are mammals like humans and pigs, not fish, even though they swim in the sea like fish and are otherwise more like fish in all the ways that are relevant to humans (e.g., you can find them in the ocean, they're part of the ocean's ecosystem, if you want to catch them you go fishing for them...). The idea is that whales are more closely related to humans than to fish.*

This is why you belong to the same phylum as tunicates. Is it a terrible way of classifying creatures? Obviously.

I don't hate taxonomy, except when it's being stupid. Which is all the time. )

*Actually, whales are fish. Bony fish. Lobe-finned fish, I think. And so are you. (Well, there's a different name you can use for the bony fish if you want to include all the lobe-finned fish, including humans, but who cares. I'm a fish. This is awesome. I am a fish.)
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Heads-up that [community profile] fandom_stocking is taking sign-ups now. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a really low-pressure version of a holiday fest. You list what sorts of things you like, then you spend a while looking at other people's lists and writing or iconning or whatever you like for between zero and all of them as you like. Then all the gifts get revealed.

Boring status update: I ended up adding only around 8,000 words to that fic, not 25k like I wanted to. Will probably stop procrastinating and start the art improvement challenge soon. Or something. Have begun the post about Japanese folklore. Have yet to begin the post about why chordates rock.
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For any situation in which "look at these plotbunnies I thought of and don't want to write!" is appropriate. List contains some spoilers for Frozen, Animorphs, and possibly maybe not really for Avengers. ETA: to be edited/added to whenever I want without notice.

All the plotbunnies I wish someone ELSE would write. )
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So I've been, basically, studying and practicing editing by adding more stuff. And I'm not done yet, but here are some links I've been looking at (in addition to two books and re-editing an older fic): Word Count posts masterlist, How to Increase Your Novel's Word Count, and 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Lengthen Word Count. They turned out not to be very hard to find, either.

Update on the project: I'm learning quite a bit through practice, but still nowhere near where I was hoping I'd be by now. On the other hand, the fic is shaping up into the fic I always wanted it to be, finally. And I did deliberately set myself a ridiculous goal (to break myself entirely out of the habit of economy of words), so that could help explain why I'm still so far behind.
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I don't do a comment-of-the week feature, but if I did routinely honor comments for being awesome, this one would be this week's comment of the week.

Also: I think I may just try the 30 Days of Art Improvement Challenge and maybe also the draw all the things sequel challenge. Which I'm mostly saying to have an excuse to put in the links so I don't lose them. It remains to be seen if I'll manage them in 30 days each or what.
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So I went back and looked at the fic that I got an LJ for. I hadn't thought that I would be able to see much difference between my style and writing ability then and now, but I really can. I've apparently been improving very fast in the last couple of years. I'm better at POV discipline when using 3rd limited, and better at story structure (thanks, [personal profile] ljlee! I think you've helped a lot with that), and I even see slight improvement in my style. The POV discipline I have no explanation for, but the story structure thing is directly attributable to feedback. And writing a lot doesn't hurt, either, which is also something feedback helps with.

All of this has me wondering: maybe I ought to post some visual art. I'm still not where I want to be with my art, but I'm also not improving fast. And why would I? I barely show it to anyone and I barely draw anything.

I've been meaning to for a while now, but I keep thinking I'll wait for my art to be good enough first, and that might be backwards. Oh, sure, it makes sense-- I don't want to waste your time until I have something worth showing off-- but maybe it doesn't actually work that way after all. At least for me, anyway.

And this could be a lead-in to some awesomely interesting meta about how creativity isn't really a solitary endeavor, at least for me. But maybe that will wait for another day.

So: any of you like art?
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I've been looking at an interesting blog and I was considering linking to all the interesting articles I found on it, until I realized that would basically involve indexing the entire blog here. How about I just link to the blog instead. Go read Thing of Things, because everything over there is interesting, even if not all of it is necessarily correct.
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So I've been asked to talk about Japanese folklore for the December posting meme. I'm pretty sure I know why, since I mentioned knowing something about Japanese and European fairy tales and such things for the friending meme that's been going on.

Well, I had an idea for what to say, but I wanted to go looking for the sort of information that I have about medieval Europe, but about Japan-- worldbuilding information, not so much names and dates and things.

Several hours down the rabbit hole, I find this gem of a quote (emphasis mine):

The whole inner end of the dwelling seems to be the kitchen -- a woman's area. Weaving apparently was done in the middle of the floor across the whole center of the dwelling -- again, a woman's area. And the weaving tools were stored in the corner by the entranceway -- another woman's area. That leaves just a bit of the left side of the dwelling, when entering, for the males. Sleeping is thought to have taken place near the left and right walls, behind the posts. But there is no clear evidence that this sexual and activity division actually existed.

*facepalms forever*
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If you complain about wanting to read something that no one has yet written, you should write it yourself-- or so the advice goes. I used to believe this wholeheartedly. Now I believe it only with some reservation.

I've been writing it myself for nearly everything I want to read for a while now.

Basically, I'm too lazy to want to do that. )
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It took me until now to notice that only one character has a complete emotional arc. *facepalm* That's very basic and it's odd that I didn't notice until just now, but... yeah.
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Taking this meme from quite a lot of people on my flist, but not promising that I'll definitely keep up with it or keep to a schedule:

Give me a topic and a day in December and hope to see a post from me on that day about that topic.

schedule is under the cut )


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